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Engine & Transmission Specialist

MotorTrans of Lindenwold offers over 20 years of experience for repair & maintanence of all make and model engines and transmissions. 



Always being proactive in the maintenance of your vehicle, and never waiting until there is a major problem before taking your vehicle in to be repaired or serviced, is not always something on our busy minds. If you notice small problems, bring your vehicle in for service at MOTORTRANS immediately. Many problems, if caught early enough can avoid in harder to fix problems that cost more money. Call MOTORTRANS, your trusted source for vehicle repair and maintenance. 



A simple fix can often become a larger problem. Don't wait until your vehicle has a problem before you visit us. In fact, there are times when you should take your vehicle in for service to perform regularly scheduled maintenance and to ensure that your vehicle remains in top running condition. Call MOTORTRANS and have a trusted professional perform the necessary maintenance your vehicle deserves! 

All major makes & models!

Import auto repair or domestic car maintenence, at MOTORTRANS, we've got you covered. 

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